Best Icon Projects β€” May 2024

Our icon design team curated the most inspiring icon projects: featuring UI, illustrative, signage, 3D, or animated icons.

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Interface icons

Futuristic icons by Ester Stori

Futuristic icons
Futuristic User Icon
Futuristic comment icons
Futuristic @ Icon

Sharp Icons by Kevin Moran

UMAUMA Icons by Laura Nunes Sales Icons by Dmitri Litvinov

Fanatics Sportsbook App Iconography by Zach Roszczewski

Glass icon set by Eugen Eşanu

blu Bank Icons by Dariush

Gofundme β€” Icon System by Zach Roszczewski

Superbet Icon Set by Dmitri Litvinov

Pixel icon by Andre Icon

Branded Icons by Artstak Studio

Binance Icon System by Dmitri Litvinov

Compo rebranding by DesignStudio

Illustrative icons

Olympic Pictogram Concept by Linda Ojo

CDC - Isometric Icons by Makers Company Icon Suite by Zach Roszczewski

Gofundme Illustrative Icons by Zach Roszczewski

TL logistics icons by Gilda Martini

Omère icons by Forma & Co

Lululemon Icon System by Zach Roszczewski

Small Business Icons by Dragan Sukurma

Product Icons by Kemal Sanli

Strive β€” Overlay Icons by Zach Roszczewski

Travel icon set by Sasha Lupine & Karina Holsart

7 Wonders of the world by Ramon Yv

Yahaha β€” Game Platform Icons Illustrations by Ivan Ermakov

Keybank Illustrated Icon System by Zach Roszczewski

Stickers & smileys

Subtle Emotions by Ammar Abbasi

subtle emotions

Signage icons

Wayfinding system for SpinPlace by Blank Studio

PRUE Signage & Wayfinding by Diana Dobrynina, Sonya Grishchenko, and Anna Zeghnoun

Symbols & labels

Equilibra Symbols by INGENIO DS

3D icons

Pink and purple by REETIME

BC Card 3D Icons by WOOT Creative

Values Icons Set by Jacek Janiczak

πŸ”₯βœ¨βš‘οΈπŸ’– by Jordon Cheung


Fintech 3D icons by Uxerflow

3D Design - Fintech

App icons

3D Map Icon by Jan @happydesign

Exploring the 3D Map Icon: Textures, Materials, and Colors.

Calculator icons for Soulver Studio by Matthew Skiles


Animated icons

Real Estate Icon Motions by Afshin T2Y


ChatGPT Animated icons by OpenAI team



Runner shape exploration by Evgeniy Artsebasov

Different styles of heart icons by Iconwerk


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