Best Icon Projects – March 2024

Our icon design team curated the most inspiring icon projects: featuring UI, illustrative, signage, 3D, or app icons.

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Interface icons

Icons for Nomad Market by Alexander Avdeev


Two-tone icons by James McDonald

Lilycare - Icons Collection by Valentine

Features Section icons by Mason Wellington

Features Section

Travel icons by Marco Fortes

Travel Icons V2

Gradient glassmorphism icons by Арина Загора (Arina Zagora)

AI Icons, Generative AI, LLMs by Vlad Solomakha

Figma Kit Icons by Maxim Matsevich

Playful account icon by Iconwerk


Icons for TradeApp Maxim Matsevich

Pixel icons Sava Stoic

Groovy Icons by Kendrick Pingkian

Groovy Icons 2

Health App Icon Design by Ann Tang

Liga Stavok icons by Evgeniy Artsebasov

Essential icons by Vladimir Susakin

Blocky icons by Dmitri Litvinov


Category icons by she is K @albnnro


Icons from the Adidas Runtastic icon system by Carlotta Govi


Icons for Merck's Keycare App by Heyo

Solid icon set by Ankur


Illustrative icons

Iconography by Jorge Olino

WeightWatchers new icons by Dmitri Litvinov


Speed level icons by Edward Sánchez


Icon projects by Sergey Ershov

Snackable illustrative icons by Salman Saleem

System Icons by KYLOD

BetMGM Icons by Ted Kulakevich

Modena (Nintendo) icons by Brian Brasher

Modena (Nintendo)

Responsive icons by Dmitri Litvinov


Petrobras Icon System by Interbrand Brasil

Prokit icons by Brian Brasher

Prokit icons

Trilhares iconography by Gabriel Guilherme

Facebook emoji v1.0 by Brian Brasher

Facebook emoji v1.0

TikTok music genre selection by Brian Brasher

TikTok - music genre selection

Gustini iconography by Koto

Logotype, brand identity and art direction by London-based design studio Koto for German online retailer of Italian food stuffs Gustini

Picto pitch by Jordon Cheung


Helper iconography by Alexis Métayer

NFT icons by Andrii Kovalchuk

Fun Flourish Icons by Crazy Creative

TicToc iconography Set by Makers Company

Icons for an illustration system by Sean Brice

Glass Morphism icons by Darko Vujic

Hospitality Icon by Clay Stock

Icons for DietDoctor by Iconwerk


A/B Testing Icons by Dragan Sukurma

Hand drawn icons for packaging by Makers Company

Proof of Concept Icons by Dragan Sukurma

Face Yoga icons by Laura Reen

Illustrative icons by Marat Vahitov

Illustrative icons by Dana Chili

Links Icons - Light

Icons for Curology by Jordon Cheung

Signage icons

Vehicles Icon Pack by Arseniy Ivanov

Bergsundet by Robert Holmkvist


ENQUIRER wayfinding system by Luisa Sharlyn Butovtsenko

Workspace Riachuelo iconography by FutureBrand São Paulo

EUROPEAN SCHOOL signage by DamnWorx

Museum Signage System Wayfinding by chen xi


Turterra Icons by Josh Warren

Western Sydney Lakes pictograms by Bogdan Katsuba

3D icons

3D icons for Yandex.Food by Redis Agency


Icons for Dash website by Ross Horbi

Mosaic Icons by uouleee

Glossy inflated arrow icons by Paul Rover

A Few Things by Richard Perez


Hyundai Card 3D Icons by HAND Seoul

App icons

Music, movie, and application store icons by Tseng

Splitscreen - Unused Icon Concept by Matthew Skiles

Arc Browser app icon by The Browser Company


App icon for Calq app by Fabs* @fabs_ws


Remove Unwanted Object app icon by Igor Radivojevic

Animated icons

AR icons by Niko_Ma


Tab bar Animation by LtL.


Animation Icon set by Marat Vahitov


Helper Icons Animation by Bryan @bryangmotion



Simple steps to create '@' icon by Carlotta Govi


Interesting use of icons on Light / Dark mode switch by Teyah @teyah_design



The earliest emoticon from 1881 (left) and its source of inspiration(right) that were published weeks earlier 👀

It's amazing what you can do with a simple user icon.

Simplicity is nothing without depth. Means: Even the simplest shapes can come with a lot of character and wit by distilling complex ideas into simple shapes. Simplicity isn’t a style, it’s a position. Tell stories with the least amount of elements, but not with less. — Iconwerk

How to make a skull icon using math (you read that right)


Animating the curl of a file icon by Daryl Patigas


Different styles of icon design listed by Iconwerk


The nostalgic look of silver iOS5 icons


And that's a wrap!

See? Even with a tighter selection process, the icon design community still manage to leave us in awe. We';; come back next month. Check out previous editions in case you miss them 👇

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