100 best icon projects – February 2024

Our icon design team curated the most inspiring icon projects, featuring interface, illustrative, signage, 3D, app icons, and beyond!

We're back with the 2nd issue of Monthly Best Icons!

We've collected 100 inspirations from various sources around the internet and grouped them into different categories:

  • Interface icons
  • Illustrative icons
  • Stickers
  • Signages
  • Symbols
  • Animated icons
  • 3D icons
  • App icons

By the end of the list, you'll also find an extra section for some useful and interesting findings that we discovered while searching for the best icons.

Feel free to share your favorites! 😉

Interface icons

Imanta icons by Nikita Ivanov

Hand drawn User Interface icons by Rutmer Zijlstra

Interface controls icons by Zlatko Najdenovski

Icon details by DixonBaxi


Universal icon set by Forma & Co

Windows 90s icons by Gustavo Zambelli

Gradient icons by Baker Studio


Rivals Golf Series icons by Alen Pavlovic

HiCloud icons by Halo Lab

Pixel icons by Franck Helaine


Photo editing icons by Robert Bye

Happy and sad trash icon by David Hill


Yusupov School icons by Yana Lim

Variations of right arrows by Praveen Juge

Right Arrows 👉

Icons for bank interface by Hugo Mingoia

Interface icons by Ponomarev Alexander

Icons by Ondrej Toman

Break Symbols by Interface Design

Random filled hard icons by Shaken Shaku

Transaction categories by Adrian Spiegelt


Pet-stylized icons by Alex @Alexclmb

Map UI in light theme colors

Icon design for Build by Akinbinu Akintayo


Illustrative icons

Gradient icon by Ihdizen

Miscellaneous icons by Csaba Gyulai

Convera Iconography by Makers Company

Spot icons by Jordon Cheung


Car service icons by Igor Kapustin

Engineering app icon set by Kyle Anthony Miller


Coffee Golf achievement icons by Matt Anderson

Data & Security app icons by Michael Wang

Tab icons by Kylod

Icons for Airtable by Dmitri Litvinov


Office icons by Gaurav Ka

Livble icons by SuperFine

Digital publishing icons by Renaldo Alin

Experimental icons by Kemdirịm


Dimensional energy icon by Gordon McIntyre-Lee

Line icons by Natalia Arshad

Construction icons by Ben Lueders

Iconography set for Abound by Kyle Anthony Miller


Solar energy icons by Rutmer Zijlstra

Coffee Icons by Insigniada

Service offering icons by Courtney Medendrop

Climate Pledge Friendly icons by Piotr Kojtek

Arcane icons by Julien Paris

Pet equipment icons by Sergei Kokota

Service icons by Dennis Lavacca

8 bit icons by Robin Lopez

Hanam City brand icons by 성 주연 (Seong Ju-yeon)

Icons for content design by Abdullah Mamun


YouTube emotes by MishaX

Cute character icons by @stefscribbles


Iconic weather mascots by Bryan DIEP (Fopie)

Breakfast stickers by Thierry Fousse

Educative game icons by Seth Byrd

Moments icons by SuperFine

Signage icons

Wayfinding for Wydma & Las by Blank Studio

Parque Dom Carlos I - Pictograms by Julia Beruffi

Vehicle icons by Arseniy Ivanov

Coffee shop icons by Labib Ahmadin

HRV icons by Cooper Symonds

Animal signages by Григорий Леонтьев (Grigoriy Leontyev)


Label icons by Sergei Kokota

Custom food symbols by DigiComm

Symbols by Baker Studio


Emotion symbols by Paulina Fijalkowska

Value symbols by Benji Taylor


Symbols connecting Tech & Venice by Illo @illotv


Animated icons

Smart Home iconography by Gleb Kuznetsov


Animated navigational icon by Daniyar Bayanov


Animated LinkedIn icons by Drawsgood


StMUH Visual Identity by Milan Pleva


Food icons by Desmond @o_lonks


Animated buttons by Lucas Chae


Animated icons by Dmitri Litvinov


3D icons

Crystal icons by Katerina Ost

AI icons by Maciej Kamycki

Insurance icons by Studuo

SberMarketing icons by Nadya Kharitonova

User icon by Roma Korolev

Service icons by Ali Ahmadi

Banking icons by Desire Creative Agency

App icons

Acute Calculator alternate icons by Emirhan Ugurlu

Calendar icon by Dmitry Novikov

Giveaway icon by Dmitry Novikov


Merch icon by Dmitry Novikov


Customized Firefox app icon by Craftwork


1Password app icon by Reijo


Eyebrarian app icon redesign by Sepide Moqadasi


Camera app icon by Eddy @eddydsn


AutoTab app icon by Yevhen Yurchuk

Dark iOS app icons by Lokki @tweetbylokki

Fluffy cloud app icon by Mihai Dolganiuc

Custom Finder app icon by Dominik Kandravý

Calculator icon by Efe Gürsoy

Dynamic icons from Apple Vision OS

VisionOS inspired app icons by Matteo @matteotiscia

Vision iOS App Icons by Lokki @tweetbylokki


iOS and visionOS icons

Safari and Setting are more noticeable without the square frames. But what about Note? Which one do you like the most? 🤔

No VR goggle sign

We’ll probably see more of this sign in the future 👀

IconSim: an app to test Mac app icons

Useful to test main app icon & menu bar icon! ✨

3D icons made and stylized with AI

Mmm... I have a mixed feeling about this 👀

Old document icons

Old document icons
Time flies! It's already 20 years since Office 2003 released 😮

Evolution of Mac's trash icon

Which one do you think has the best look? 👀

And that's the end of this month's issue!

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