Best Icon Projects – April 2024

Our icon design team curated the most inspiring icon projects: featuring UI, illustrative, signage, 3D, or app icons.

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Interface icons

Remix icons by Streamline


Gradient icons by Streamline


Icons by Michael Weinstein

Energy rating icons by Iconwerk


Icons by Jordon Cheung

Mofid Security Icons by Ali Gerami

Swisslog Icon System by Lara Zigic

Adidas Runtastic icon system by Carlotta Govi

Landed Icons by Jordan Jenkins

Petshop icons by Jordon Cheung

Excited! Rebranding: Stylized Icons by Excited

Eight key branded icons we use
The anatomy of our serif placements

Neg Digital Visual Identity by Glauber Pinheiro

Insider Films Visual Identity by Sean Creighton

Illustrative icons

Email icons by Vladimir Susakin

2022 Data Trend Icon Set by Mike Waite

Shopping icon by loveyogurts

IconSaur Fill Icons by Gala Yask

HR Icons by Dmitri Litvinov


Abanicons part I by Miguel Camacho

Icons for Cinematic Action RPG by Stevan Rodic

Icons by Dmitri Litvinov


Icons as object masks by Iconwerk


Four Kitchens Iconography by Focus Lab

Icons for Betterfly by Design Studio

Fun icon set by Maycon Prasniewski

Spring icons by Emira Razić

Custom web iconography by Jiří Jaroš

Büro Bear by Casanova Original

MGC weather icons by Lay Zou

Camping Tools Icons by Daniel Robinson

Paris 2024 Olympics Icon Set by Potatu Pink

Signage icons

ARAN GROUP Wayfinding System by Amirmasoud Tavasoli

The Ludowy Theatre by Studio Otwarte

Toilet Pictograms (sitting, squat, urinal) by Guillaume Kashima

San Juan Pugibet by Fernanda Moreno, Cecilia Fernández, Ximena Figueroa Montes, Valeria Berenice Lopez Vargas


Koionoyokan by Ariadna García

3D icons

Icons for Oxygen by Andrei Frankfurt

App icons

Trading app icons by Nick Pyl

trading app / icons

App icons by Seyi Oniyitan

Animated icons

Rive site icons by Drawsgood


Wichita Riverfest Icons by Jay Walter



Microsoft Segoe Fluent Icon style was invented by Stefan Dziallas (Iconwerk) and Alistair Kilpatrick by combining the style of Windows 10 and Skype iconography.


Dingbats from the Force font family by Outras Fontes


And that's a wrap!

See? Even with a tighter selection process, the icon design community still manage to leave us in awe. We';; come back next month. Check out previous editions in case you miss them 👇

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