30,000 vector illustrations for your next project

Our design team has meticulously crafted the world's largest illustrations library. Wondering where to begin? Here are our top recommendations.

For over a decade, Streamline has been building the biggest and most detailed collections of elements, illustrations, and emojis.

Our specialty lies in creating complete sets, ensuring you never have to mix and match incomplete collections and have resources for your next design works.

Here are the TOP Streamline illustrations in no particular order.


There's a certain charm about black & white illustrations that we can't seem to get enough of!

Milano Illustrations from Streamline stand out as a testament to the fusion of sophistication and modern flair.  It is minimal and delicate almost poeticstyle, using only one color.

This particular Streamline style exude timeless class and embody the essence of "streamlined" design.


Milano Illustrations

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A dynamic and vibrant world of Streamline HQ's Brooklyn illustrations, where urban energy meets artistic ingenuity.

Brooklyn's art style is pretty straightforward and monochromatic in terms of color. With Blue and White as the main colors, From trendy and energetic urban style, that is easy to adapt to your branding, these illustrations breathe life into any project!


Brooklyn Illustrations

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If you are looking for a style that is laid back, fun, relaxed and friendly, with a hand-drawn style and only five colors. Manchester is the right style for you! It's a delightful dance of creativity that brings a smile to your face, effortlessly capturing the essence of lighthearted joy.


Manchester Illustrations

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Diving back into nostalgia, This style is inspired by the 'Ligne claire' style popularized by the belgian comic 'Tintin'.

This style emphasizes the elegance and simplicity inherent in line drawings, opting for a palette that remains light and subtle.!


Bruxelles Illustrations

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There's also something for our abstract and geometric lovers out there!

Bangalore is an airy and abstract style, minimal and elegant. Easy to adapt to your branding or projects as it uses only two colors.


Bangalore Illustrations

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Another creative and lively style on Streamline's roster is Barcelona.

A creative style full of energy, fun, and colors. The shapes are almost abstract and the colors are bright and playful. It's a visual celebration that captures the essence of fun and excitement, inviting viewers to experience a burst of creativity and joy!


Barcelona Illustrations

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Looking for a more realistic and trendy style? Then London is the one for you

An urban style with realistic proportions and a smooth style. Easy to adapt to your branding as we use only three colors.


London Illustrations

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From one realistic style to another, Streamline offers another "Urban style".

Tokyo is realistic style, that gives priority to the clear lines, with subdued pastel colors. Inspired by the Japanese comics.

Tokyo Illustrations

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New York

Another one for the abstract lovers out there!

With these smooth curves and abstract style, this set is perfect to convey a dynamic but relaxed mood to your projects. New York is the perfect partner for you.


New York Illustrations

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In another friendly variation, embrace the beauty of subtlety, crafting a warm ambiance through careful curation.

Lagos is a sweet style, friendly and subtle, with a lot of negative space and a limited range of colors.


Lagos Illustrations

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Ta-da! Streamline's top illustration sets are your design superhero! Complete sets, less hassle, more fun. Cheers to limitless creativity and endless design adventures with Streamline!

Make sure to check out Streamline's website to get your creative juices rolling.