Culmas - User Story

How Streamline helped Culmas to prototype faster, and accelerate feedback loops.

Culmas, which stands for Cultural Management Systems, is a digital product company based in Denmark. They are rapidly gaining traction as a digital solution for administrative work in the field of improv theater.

Their software idea grew legs in 2021, with Simon Lindebjerg and Stefan Pagels Andersen as the brains of the operation.

Simon Lindebjerg, co-founder and interactions designer of Culmas, started using Streamline before the company existed.

Simon found Streamline when he was vice president in the Copenhagen School of Business.

Starting as a free user, he found that our icons and illustrations made prototyping efficient without sacrificing quality.

“When I prototype, there's a specific action that I have as a requirement: that I can just drag and drop any icon and illustration from some kind of app and then into a sketch to do our prototyping in. The desktop app that Streamline has that you have has good customization features.”

When Culmas started signing contracts, Simon picked Streamline to be part of their workflow.

Culmas was formed to provide a better solution for theaters who found themselves trapped in a sea of online sheets and website builders that ate up too much of their time.

As a company that builds relationships with customers, Simon needed to make rapid prototypes to for each client.

Because of the great success he found in the sample sets, he decided to go right in and get Streamline's full access plan.

“In a nutshell, we use Streamline in our production environment. If, at the beginning, it looks and feels good for both us and our customers (mostly our customers), then that will follow through to production and it will become what's actually there.”

Another plus that Culmas gets with full access is they can use our assets for their own website as well–which they did.

Access to Streamline’s illustrations became a game changer in their feedback loops.

Streamline’s unique library of illustration sets come in handy when Simon and his team need beautiful assets.

Having full licenses to use our illustrations gave them full licenses and fit well into their workflow.


"The ability to have something that looks good and that can identity for the software itself, and to then just have that and have the full license for it so you don't have to go out and then find another track in the process of just building software--if we also had to get, let's say a graphic designer to actually make something like that, to have a beautiful interface. The illustrations are a great resource in that way as well."

With a team of 4 devs and 2 UX designers, Culmas has made waves in the theater industry as an admin software business.

They continue to expand in similar communities such as comedy clubs and dance studios, catering to every specific need.

Streamline continues to improve our products for startups like Culmas to ensure we fit perfectly into any workflow.

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