Platinum – Luxurious commerce icons

A luxurious icon set inspired by elite brands like Gucci, Rolex, designed to refine your company's visual identity.


You can try these icons as vectors or download them as free PNGs.

Fits like a glove

We wanted to create a set that reflected the values and qualities of high-end brands looking to establish themselves as premium and exclusive. These icons were also designed to appeal to a specific target audience such as discerning consumers, who may be more likely to be drawn to more sophisticated visuals.

This new set includes a wide range of commonly used categories: from 'Shopping' and 'Payment' to 'Delivery' and 'Technology'. Each of the almost 300 icons has been designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Classic and classy

The inspiration behind this set is born from the captivating fusion of two timeless aesthetics: the graceful pointed arches reminiscent of Gothic architecture and the striking elegance found in the intricate details of ancient Greek sculptures.

These features allowed us to design a consistent icon set that will help create a memorable product, leading to increase brand recognition and recall.

Craftsmanship at its finest

The development of 'Platinum' went through several stages until we discovered the perfect style. Initially intended as an alternative to our 'Guidance' icons, we realized the importance of giving it a unique and distinctive personality.

The most obvious difference is the primary use of concave curves in 'Guidance' to create more compact icons and the use of convex curves in 'Platinum' to generate more spacious signs, perfect for interfaces.

Carving each icon

All these icons were built on a 24px grid with a 1px default stroke, which helped us achieve a more spacious and delicate look, easier to relate to luxury brands. But you can easily customize these icons by changing the colors or the stroke width, allowing you to create a lot of different outcomes with almost no effort.


Convex lines and pointed arches helped us create a sense of dynamism. By using these shapes, the icons gain a feeling of depth and dimensionality, making them visually engaging and appealing to users. Additionally, the convex curves can help guide the eye along a specific path or emphasize important elements within the icon, enhancing its overall clarity.


Although these elements may seem to impose many restrictions, they're flexible enough to let us generate complex icons that are still perfectly recognizable.

Bright and shiny

Still not sure about its use? Take a quick look at some of the visuals, use cases and unsolicited redesigns we created to test 'Platinum' in different contexts.

Sometimes it's even better to test the icons with well-established brands and compare. In the following unsolicited redesigns for Gucci, FabergΓ©, Dior and Tiffany's we can clearly see how 'Platinum' icons help create a more coherent, elegant and even legible visual language.

Affordable luxury

There are several reasons to use a set such as 'Platinum':

  1. Elevate your brand identity. An elegant icon set can help a brand establish itself as premium and exclusive, elevating its visual identity and creating a more aspirational image.
  2. Reinforce your brand values. The elegance of these icons can reflect a brand’s values and the quality of its products or services, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the luxury marketplace.
  3. Differentiate from competitors. Platinum's unique style can help a brand stand out from competitors and position itself as a true leader with a voice of its own.

Discover the potential of this set and don't miss the chance to experience firsthand the captivating possibilities 'Platinum' can offer.

Platinum icons

A refined collection of e-commerce icons.

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