Why design agencies and freelancers use Streamline?

Since 2012, Streamline Icons has been the go-to for designers, agencies, and teams seeking efficiency and quality. Don’t reinvent the icons, Streamline created the best for you.

1. Streamline icons is an essential tool for design agencies

From UX to product design, our icons are adaptable for every design aspect

Access to the world’s most comprehensive icons library (180,000+ icons), all drawn by one team for unparalleled consistency.

By avoiding designing icons from scratch, your design agency will focus on customers problems and innovative design.

Design agencies that use us claim to complete complete projects with tight deadlines or limited budgets, thanks to the Streamline icons and illustrations library.

Streamline's library is ideal for the prototyping phase, particularly for initial illustrations presented to customers.

“I use these icons for virtually every project. It's been a lifesaver. Never search for an icon again. You're welcome.”
Brett @ DesignJoy / Designer and Founder
“I use Streamline icons for all my projects. Both I and the clients love them since they are so versatile and there are just soooo many icons to choose from.”
Jenni's Print / Designer and Illustrator

2. Consistent and harmonious icon library for agencies

Our icons sets follow consistent style guidelines

With a consistent style and professional aesthetic, Streamline icons are consistently enhanced and updated... until perfection!

Our team of eight icon designers is obsessed with maintaining consistency in all our icon sets. Streamline is the world’s oldest icon studio, created in 2010, and we’ve created over 180,000 icons.

This consistency helps in creating a cohesive look and feel in your projects, which is essential for brand identity and user experience.

3. Faster workflow


We've built our own Icon Manager app, where you can find, customize and add icons to your projects in seconds.

Get the right icon in seconds, with instant results powered by AI.

Save time as you never have to draw missing assets or mix-and-match sets. Seriously, you can even request free custom icons from us.

Use the Streamline Figma plugin to search and add icons, illustrations and graphic elements directly in your designs (also available as plugin for Lucid app).

Copy/paste our assets in the most popular apps: Illustrator, Powerpoint, etc.

“The streamline icon set saves me time and makes my designs more polished and more user friendly. It is worth every penny.”
Lucida Brown / Product Designer
“My favorite icon pack 'Streamline' has released an app that makes finding that right icon so easy!”
Jacob Cass / @JustCreative

4. Wide Variety of styles and versatility 

Streamline provides the world’s largest library of icons, and we’re adding themes requested by our customers. Recently for example, we’ve added hundred of icons about artificial intelligence.

This variety allows design agencies to find icons that precisely fit their project needs, whether it's for a website, mobile app, or any other digital product.

It includes niche categories that are not available elsewhere, thereby elevating the design's relevance and specificity.

We have a variety of styles that can match any personality of brands. Pick between neutral styles (Core icons, Ultimate icons), hand-drawn look (Freehand), technological and masculine aesthetic (Sharp), friendly sets (Flex, Plump), Retro sets (Pixel), etc.

5. Easy to customise  

Example of customisation of the Flex icon set

Designed for easy customization, the Streamline icons allow agencies to modify colors, stroke sizes, and styles, ensuring a perfect match with their customers' brand aesthetics.

These icons are vector-based, meaning they can be easily resized without loss of quality. This scalability is vital for responsive design, ensuring that icons look sharp on all devices and screen sizes.

“The interesting thing with streamline: it's tons and tons of icons. And even if it doesn't contain the perfect icon, it's just a quick modification away from getting it exactly right.”
Farid Chaouki / Creative Director at NoNameYet Studio

6. All our icons are created in-house

Founded in 2010, Streamline is the world's oldest icon studio, run by a team of eight expert designers.

We have a ridiculous obsession with the craft. You won’t find millions of icons on Streamline drawn once. You’ll find one icon drawn four times. We’re obsessed with perfection.

Streamline is celebrated for exceptional quality and elegance, our icons are chosen by top firms such as Mercedes Benz, Booking.com, and Adobe.

This high level of professional quality guarantees that the icons will enhance the appeal of your design projects.

“Streamline’s plump set made such a difference!!! People have been commenting on it every day or so.”
Jesse Hanley - CEO @ Bento

7. An ever-growing library, with more than 180,000 icons and 30,000 exclusive illustrations.

Streamline regularly updates its icon sets with new additions and improvements, providing design agencies with the latest, most relevant icons for their projects.

We add hundred of new icons each month, and launch new styles yearly, to give agencies more stylistic choice and follow trends.

“Our friends at Streamline just added new icons to their already massive collection, and we're obsessed 🤩”
Figma Team @Figma
“So cool to see this! We’ve been using Streamline since it’s 1. 0 release, and let me tell you—Streamline 4. 0 is a game changer! 🙌😍⚡️
Merritt Thomas – Making magic @Apple

8. Diverse and inclusive graphic assets 

Images should represent a more fair, diverse, and inclusive world. We work hard to represent all genders and ethnicities in the graphics that we create.

Over the past years, we have made sure any profession would show both women and men. We’ve added more LGBTQ themes and various ethnicities in our illustrations.

  • Crafted exclusively by our in-house team of vector designers, we hold full copyrights to all our original icons, illustrations, and graphic elements.
  • We also offer customised licenses that can be tailored to your needs.

By choosing Streamline, you add an endlessly improving product to your creative toolkit. As it grows and refines, your own productivity will dramatically increase.