Heynabo - User Story

How Streamline help to make to make online interactions more friendly and enjoyable.

Heynabo is a private toolbox for you and your neighbors

Heynabo.com is an app for neighbors to connect with each other. It is similar to Facebook, but provides more privacy and features such as a powerful file library, engine for bookings and sharing, and features for reporting incidents and errors. It also has features for groups, events, communal dining, and co‑living. It has been in closed beta with 10,000 households, and is now getting ready to grow.

A small but mighty team of four serving 10,000 households

Our small team of four people is fast and efficient, and they are seeing the positive difference their work makes in the lives of people. Heynabo helps reduce loneliness, make people feel secure, and adds years to their life. I see this as a profound joy, and is grateful to be part of it, personally benefitting from it as well.

Illustrations help nudge impolite community behavior to friendly ones

Heynabo.com has found that in an online context, people tend to become impolite with each other, and they especially need help moderating their behavior. To resolve this, they have implemented strategies such as pattern recognition and tone of voice analysis, as well as using visual cues to bring a smile to people's faces. For this, they use illustrations from Streamlinehq.com.

Heynabo.com uses illustrations to make online interactions more friendly and enjoyable. By understanding their users’ behavior, they’ve been able to design illustrations that create a positive atmosphere and encourage polite interactions amongst each other.

Neighborhoods can customize their illustrations colors for a fully branded experience

Heynabo has a color switcher within their interface that lets people customize the colors of illustrations. This ensures each neighborhood gets a fully branded experience.

We really the format that the illustrations are available to download in. The Heynabo color switcher feature is something we don't advertise, but it's the best feedback we get about Streamline. Customers often find it playing around and being surprised that they can customize it so easily."

Brooklyn has only two colors and is easy to customize to different colors.

"I was making illustrations in Figma based on some components, and they were very ugly."

Initially, they tried using Figma to create illustrations, but found it to be slow and expensive. Soon, they decided to use illustrations that are readily available online, as they meet our needs for speed, agility and cost-effectiveness.

We prioritize making our users happy, and the illustrations don't necessarily have to be exclusive or descriptive - they should just make users smile.

€1,000 gets you three illustrations in Denmark

That's equivalent to "probably the next 10 years of subscription" with Streamline.

We've spent at least a thousand euros at least doing custom illustrations And we could have spent more. A thousand euros get you three illustrations in Denmark

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