Guidance Icons – Wayfinding 2.0

'Guidance' is a sophisticated and modern approach to signage icons, blending the geometric lines of modern architecture with the organic shapes of nature.


Design is all around us in our daily lives, whether we're taking the subway, shopping at the mall or visiting someone at the hospital. It's essential to identify and navigate these spaces seamlessly, which is why we created this set.

You can try these icons as vectors or download them as free PNGs.

Room for everyone

Signage is one of the purest forms of design, highlighting the need for a universal language to navigate the world. This set showcase this diversity including categories like ‘Accessibility’ to build a more inclusive language.

'Guidance' includes 360 icons across 21 categories, ranging from 'Restroom', 'Arrows' and 'Transportation' to 'Recycling,' 'Security,' and even some basic 'Interface' signs. You'll find everything you need to enhance your space.

Modernity meets tradition

The original inspiration for this set came from the contrast between typefaces' vertical lines and their serifs, as well as the interplay between modern architecture's straight lines and nature's organic shapes coexisting in the same place.

Our inspiration for 'Guidance' was also based on other classic signage systems, such as the one developed by AIGA and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in the 70s. However, we took a more modern approach, considering values of accessibility and diversity that weren't as significant to society during that time.

Some of the signs designed by AIGA and DOT

Seeking a unique style

The set has undergone significant changes during its development over the months. While the initial iterations prioritized the subtle serifs and strict geometric construction, we later recognized the potential for more exaggerated curves to serve a dual purpose: increase negative space and achieve a more sophisticated result.

Building a foundation

Some of the basic rules were established very early on in the project, like building it on a 24x24px grid with a 1px default stroke. The aim was to produce a sophisticated and legible collection through the combination of convex and concave lines while stylizing most of the shapes to the limit.


These concave lines are precisely the main characteristic of 'Guidance', the element that really helps to differentiate it from other sets and contributes to a more organic, elegant and visually appealing design.


The intention was to explore the expressive possibilities of these icons while ensuring their legibility and usability for a wayfinding system.

Basic formal characteristics of the set

Under construction

Check out these visuals to see how 'Guidance' icons adapt to different materials and formats. Our love letter to signage.

Meeting point

Do you need signage icons? Don't miss the opportunity to download our 'Guidance' set, with over 300 signs, and take your wayfinding system to the next level.


A sophisticated and modern approach to signage icons.

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